secure hosting services

Secure Hosting Services

Our Features

  • 24×7 Control and Monitoring
  • Firewall Protected Hosting Service
  • Isolated Hosting Spaces
  • Anti-Spam Software & Real time Anti-Virus
  • Database Servers & Dedicated Email

Why Choose Us

Web Hosting Security is a primary concern when you choose a hosting service. We are providing highly satisfied bandwidth & disk space which is offered in our packages. We have large investment on our hosting service infrastructure that is actually a fact to run a secure hosting service smoothly.

What makes it Secure?

AamaraTech always focus is to build and maintain a secure hosting service. There are some of the things that make our server hosting service highly secure:

  • Each hosting space is completely separated from other accounts. So that is why users are not able to ¬†access or view files or folders which is beyond their own hosting space.
  • All of our servers are protected with Firewalls, allowing only access to specific services.
  • We reduce attack surface by enervating unnecessary services on each server.
  • Only Websites are placed on our Web Servers. Which means Web, FTP and Statistics are the only services running on a server. Databases, Email, DNS and control panel are running on dedicated servers to ensure greater performance and security.
  • The Database servers are not approachable from outside our private network, for additional security. We provide a secure VPN tool to access and manage Databases hosted on our servers.
  • Hosting Control Panel, Web Mail and Email services (SMTP, POP3 and IMAP) are available over secure SSL Connection.
  • A daily backup of your hosting space ensures prompt recovery in case of lost files due to security breach/hacking attempt.

VPS & Dedicated Servers for greater security

AamaraTech are providing Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server, for even greater security and performance for you IT Projects.